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Report on the 2004 congress

Preston Chess Congress 2004 took place from Friday 26th November, to Sunday 28th November. It was a five round swiss system tournament with 4 sections depending on playing strength.
It was the 17th Preston Chess congress at the Lancashire County Council Offices.

Thanks again to Dave Clayton and Steve Hughes, the top 8 boards of the open were broadcast live on the internet. But perhaps more importantly, they could also be viewed in a separate room where we have a projector onto a large screen. The main benefit for the congress was that you were able to watch the top games and discuss them

Team Prize

Preston 1


L Trent (Ilford) 5/5 1st
B.Lund (Preston) 4/5 2nd
C.A.Hanley(Lancaster) 3.5/5 3rd=
A.A.Smith(Chedderton and Leak) 3.5/5 3rd=
D.Hulmes(Stockport) 3.5/5 3rd=
J.L.Hanley(Lancaster) 3.5/5 3rd=
P.Jowett(Preston) 3/5 176-185GP
T.Pym(Newport) 3/5 166-175GP
N.Moss(Oldham) 3/5 166-175GP
A.Costello(Carlisle) 2.5/5 U166GP
I.Campbell(Liverpool) 2.5/5 U166GP
J.Lyth(Morecambe) 2.5/5 U166GP


A.Bosworth(Trowbridge) 4/5 1st =
D.Jameson(Collwyn Bay) 4/5 1st=
J.Jiang(Waltham Forest) 4/5 1st=
D.Begg(Penicuick) 3.5/5 136-150GP
L.Boumphry(Atticus) 3.5/5 136-150GP
G.Horne(Barrow) 3.5/5 136-150GP
P.J.Taylor(Preston) 3/5 U136GP
H.Brockbank(Birmingham) 3/5 U136GP


P.Thompson(Preston) 4.5/5 1st=
D.Boulden(Godolphin Helsten) 4.5/5 1st=
M.Birch(Sale) 4/5 3rd=
P.Gleizon(Cockermouth) 4/5 3rd=
C.Whitfield(Cheddleton and Leak) 3/5 U110GP


B.Rotterdam(Germany) 5/5 1st
A.Thorsten(Fiveways) 4/5 2nd
P.Edhouse(Heywood) 3.5/5 3rd=
L.Parkinson(Chorely) 3.5/5 3rd=
D.Scorer(Colne) 3.5/5 3rd=
R.Prescott(Blackburn) 3.5/5 U85GP

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