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The 2015 Congress

Prestons 28th Chess Congress took place from Friday 27th November 2015, to Sunday 29th November. It was a five round swiss system tournament with 4 sections depending on playing strength. The fourth congress at our new venue at The University Of Central Lancashire (uclan) Harrington Refectory. 138 players took part.

Team Prize

Lytham (10.5)

David Newhouse OPEN

D.Kolbus (Isle Of Man) 3.5/5 1st=
B.Lund (Preston) 3.5/5 1st=
A.Jaunooby (Denton) 3.5/5 1st=
M.Surtees (Bolton) 3.5/5 1st=
J.Jarmany (Scarborough) 3.5/5 1st=
J.Wells (North Norfolk) 3.5/5 1st=
M.Duke (Crusaders Blackburn) 3.5/5 1st=
L.Kay (Atherton) 3.5/5 1st=


H.Lamb (Bolton) 4/5 1st=
M.Burns (Denton) 4/5 1st=
K.Potter (Syston) 4/5 1st=

Eric Downham MINOR U145

J.Whitfield (Crusaders) 4.5/5 1st
D.Bryan (Chester) 4/5 2nd=
D.Innes (Burnely) 4/5 2nd=


J.Regan (Lytham) 4/5 1st=
E.Herd (Pensby) 4/5 1st=
M.Mallard (SASRA) 3.5/5 3rd=
P.Jackson (Morecambe) 3.5/5 3rd=
D.McKee (Formby) 3.5/5 3rd=
J.Hawthorn (Kidsgrove) 3.5/5 3rd=
D.Davies (Lytham) 3.5/5 3rd=

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