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Preston Chess Congress 2013

Prestons 26th Chess Congress took place from Friday 8th November 2013, to Sunday 10th November. It was a five round swiss system tournament with 4 sections depending on playing strength. The second congress at our new venue at The University Of Central Lancashire (uclan) Harrington Refectory. 120 players took part.

Team Prize

Preston 1

David Newhouse OPEN

D.Kolbus (Isle Of Man) 4/5 1st=
D.B.Lund (Preston) 3.5/5 2nd=
J.McPhilips (Bolton) 3.5/5 2nd=


C Rutlidge (Preston) 4/5 1st=
R Hanson (Preston) 4/5 1st=
K Southernwood (Penrith) 4/5 1st=

Eric Downham MINOR U145

Kenny Quinn (Preston) 4/5 1st=
N Malony (Doncaster) 4/5 1st=
G Pennington (Preston) 4/5 1st=
N Boustred (Gosforth) 4/5 1st=
J Gibbs (J Gibbs) 4/5 1st=


Ahmed C Abbas (3Cs) 4.5/5 1st
Waren Derbyshire (Chorley) 4/5 2nd=
Tom EC Webb (Atticus) 4/5 2nd=

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