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Christmas Blitz 2017

A great turnout for the Christmas Blitz, with 19 players entered.

Alas, due to the odd number of players, it did mean some players having to take a full point bye. That aside, it was a great tournament and with so many new faces it turned out to be quite a fun night out.

We were supported by 5 players from Crusaders, which makes the tournament a little more interesting as there are players we would not normally play on club nights. If people think we should extend this to Leyland / Chorley next year please let us know.

Some players have suggested holding these Blitz tournaments more often, as it is a good social chess night. If you think this is a good idea, please let me know, we could try one around Easter time.

The winner on the night, quite convincing was last year's champion Peter Jowett. Although close on paper, Peter had won the tournament by Round 8, his only loss on the night coming in the 9th round.

PDF of the final standings attached, "red" means played white.



PDF icon blitz.pdf178.69 KB

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