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Fylde Championship


  1. There will be 5 rounds played under the Swiss System. If there is no outright leader after 5 rounds there will be a play-off to determine the winner.
  2. The time-control is the same as that used in League matches—i.e. 35 moves in 75 minutes and then a 15 minute allegro for all subsequent moves.
  3. Black has choice of venue and must, as soon as possible after the draw is received, offer White at least 3 alternative dates for the game. If White does not accept any of the offered dates within a reasonable time Black must inform the Controller immediately. If either player fails to turn up for the game the other player must inform the Controller immediately.
  4. Both players are responsible for sending the result to the Controller. If the Controller receives no result by the end of the round it will be recorded as a 0-0 unless the Controller has granted an extension.
  5. Any player who claims a win by default must inform the Controller by email or letter of all the relevant facts.

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