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The first Preston v Lytham online match

Wednesday April 1st (april fools day), we (Preston) tried to play a 6 board match against Lytham. We each created a chess club on and all signed up. It seemed that the option of creating a match between us only worked on slow 1 move a day time limits, so we just got people to challenge the other person to a game. Sending out the board order will in advance would have helped a lot with this! We had 4 players from each side in a Zoom video conference, and we played one 15 minutes game, and one 30 minutes game against each player. Just a practice to understand the technology. Only 4 out of 6 matches got played successfully, and I think Preston won. By the time Geoff managed to get onto the video and play some friendlies, the match was over and most of the Lytham players had left. It wasn't very serious, but its nice just to play some chess and chat to people. Having the video chat helped with explaining the strange process of trying to watch one of the games. Being friends (on!) helps. We can probably do it better next time.
(and at least those who didn't get to play, didn't have to travel anywhere)

Preston v Lytham
1 Malcolm Peacock 1-1 Tom Leah
2 Kenny Quinn 2-0 Phil Raynor
3 Geoff Pennington (default? due to not understanding the technology) 0-2 Dave Aspinall
4 Carl Tillotson 2-0 Darren Picking
5 Bill Moffat 2-0 Graham Taylor
6 Andrew Desantos (probably a double default due to neither understanding the technology ) 0-0 ?? Simon Dale


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