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Notice of AGM - WEDNESDAY 27th JULY 2022

All members are notified that the next ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the PRESTON CHESS CLUB will take place on Wednesday 27th July, starting at 7:45pm.

Standard Agenda follows, if any member would like to add any item to the agenda, please let me know by 7pm on 19th July.

Agenda Papers and Documents will be issued to member via the mailing list on 20th July.

This notice will be also issued via the mailing list, if you do not receive an e-mail, then it is likely your details are incomplete on the mailing list. In which case, please let Malcolm know, so we can correct them.

Standard Agenda (subject to change)

1) Apologies for Absence
2) Minutes of Last Meeting, matters arising
3) Chairman's Report (Alan)
4) Secretary's Report (Carl)
5) Treasurer's Report, subs for next year (Conor)
6) Congress Reports: (Conor, Malcolm)
7) Team Captain's Reports:
8) Number of Teams for next season:
9) Election of Officers:
10) Club Championship:
11) Constitution
12) Any Other Business

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