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Club Championship 2013/14

Two matches left to play, and one of them crucial to the outcome.

Top spot is currently held by Malcolm. He can be joined by David Jarmany. However, David has to beat Phil first!

The other match is Andrew De Santos v David Tuke.

In the event of a tie for first place, then there will be a play-off as follows:

2 rounds of 30 minutes each, with each colour.

If still tied, then an Armageddon round, where black has draw odds but less time.

Both clocks at 15 minutes, and each player bids (secretly) how much time they will sacrifice to have Black. Player who bids most time will get Black pieces. Would be nice to get to a situation like that, would be fun to watch.

First though, David has to beat Phil .... pressure is on ....

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