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Club Championship 2014/5

Club Championship 2013/14

Two matches left to play, and one of them crucial to the outcome.

Top spot is currently held by Malcolm. He can be joined by David Jarmany. However, David has to beat Phil first!

The other match is Andrew De Santos v David Tuke.

In the event of a tie for first place, then there will be a play-off as follows:

2 rounds of 30 minutes each, with each colour.

If still tied, then an Armageddon round, where black has draw odds but less time.

Club Championship - Round 3

Have had to make an assumption on how Malcolm's game with Keith will go ....

If Malcolm does not win, then he get's "technically" the harder draw in Round 3 :)

Please note, Kenny is withdrawing as he is moving shortly to pastures new.

Round: 3

Club Championship

The club championship has started. Latest results are available at

Silver Queen - Thursday

The Annual Silver Queen blitz tournament takes place on Thursday at Lytham

Handicap blitz tournament

The time handicap blitz tournament on Wednesday August 21st was won by Phil Taylor with 5/5, 2nd was Cliff Rutlidge.

Blackpool and Fylde league

AGM - September 12th

Silver Queen blitz tournament - September 19th

Club Championship

Final Cross Table.

Winner 5/5 Malcolm Peacock.

PDF attached.

AGM Wednesday July 3rd

The chess club AGM will be on Wednesday July 3rd

Club night changing to Wednesday

From the start of July, the club night is changing to Wednesday


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